Stop gamifying your exercise and start exerfying your games.

Holoseat | Model B

About the Holoseat


The Holoseat was inspired by an open source mod project called “Excite Bike,” in which players used a specially modified exercise bike to control movement — the faster they pedaled, the faster their character moved.

J. Simmons was excited by the idea. Unfortunately, implementation was expensive and limited to racing games, and so J had to build his own (obviously).

The first reliable iteration was buggy, but worked well enough for J to lose 45 pounds playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and Portal 2. And so it was that J broke the stereotype of the buxom gamer.

J’s gaming partner Bryan Christian then started contributing to the Holoseat. They eventually went on to share it at a convention, promptly enthralling other gamers, who loudly clamored for Holoseats of their own.

Now, the next task in J and Bryan’s mission as Model B is to gather troops that will support them in launching Holoseat as a product, and ultimately, become the heroes that gamers deserve.

Learn more about the Holoseat here.

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