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Planning a way forward – Setting Priorities

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Week two, still working out the plan for Holoseat v2. We have our epics defined, and a good idea of our priorities. Things are going slower than in the past, but between busy lives and a three hour…

Testing… testing… is this thing on?

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Bryan and I have not closed up shop, we were merely on a hiatus…. Having children and making cross country moves will tend to put a kink in one’s plans. That hiatus ends this week. We learned much…

PY19 Iteration 1 Review and Retrospective

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The first third of our 2019 planning year is coming to a close and it is time for our first Review/Retrospective covering the last two months of work.  After this, we will go dark for December to enjoy…

First Patch Issued for v1 Alpha

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It’s official, we already have the first patch from our Alpha test.  Thanks to tester Arabella for helping us find the issue and to tester Bril for verifying the patch.  As you can see by clicking the link…

Just Posted Assembly Instructions for the v1 Alpha Tone Ring

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Check out all of the components and work that go into just 1/2 of a Holoseat tone ring! Tone Ring Half Assembly Instructions Product: HS-03: 18 Pole Tone Ring Half

Fasteners for 3D Printing – Using Heat-Set Threaded Inserts | MatterHackers

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I think we have found the solution to our tone ring assembly problem!  Snap fit connections were good for single use.  Screws on the other hand are great for reuse but hard to use with plastic parts. Enter…

There and Back Again: An OSHW Project’s Tale – Part 2

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This is the second in a series of posts recapping our 2017 Holoseat development and sharing our 2018 plan. In the first post we covered our 2017 goals and the reasons behind them. Today’s post is about how…

Alpha Status Update

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Here we are going into November after hoping to be shipping our Alpha product by December…  So will we make it?  If you have been following the development posts on (click the News link at the top)…

There and Back Again: An OSHW Project’s Tale – Part 1

Development News

This is the first in a series of posts recapping our 2017 Holoseat development and sharing our 2018 plan. In this post we look at the plan for 2017, aimed at taking a near production version of Holoseat…

2017 Sprint 3 Kickoff – Prep for SyndCon 2017

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The Big Picture The year is flying by. Sprint 2 is done and suddenly it is time to get everything ready for SyndCon 2017. Our last sprint was a roller coaster ride, full of mission critical Product Backlog…