Week two, still working out the plan for Holoseat v2. We have our epics defined, and a good idea of our priorities. Things are going slower than in the past, but between busy lives and a three hour time difference it is a pace we can maintain. A new tool to keep us organized, and more careful planning to allow for our limited time to be used as best we can.

New Tool

Good chance people recognize the tool in the screenshot. We’re shifting our planning out of a custom Google Sheets document and into Jira. Why the change? Easier to access, easier to work with, and most importantly, it’s a tool we both use for work at this point so we know it pretty well.

Last Meeting

This past meeting we tweaked our original list of goals for v2.0 and decided on priorities. We also decided that meeting weekly for this stretch of Thursday night is working well and we’ll continue for the foreseeable future. We may change to a less frequent cadence once planning is complete, but until we get everything planned we will continue at the weekly pace.

Next Meeting

Much like the last two, we’re going to continue planning this week. Now that we have overall goals, we need to setup the stories that define them and the bite size pieces we’re going to use to eat the elephant. Planning continues, same bat time same bat channel. Thursday night 9:30 – 10:30 Eastern (6:30 – 7:30 Pacific) on our Discord server (leave a comment if you would like to join us). If you don’t currently have access and would like it, please either reach out to one of us directly or post a comment and we will send you an invite.

Thanks again for all of your continued support! #ExerfyYourGames