Please welcome Tony “BROOTUS” Robertson to the Holoseat blog.  Tony is one of our Alpha Testers and has jumped into Holoseat with both feet.  Check out his post below for how Holoseat is changing his life.

It is not an over-sell to call the Holoseat life-changing. I have always fought an uphill battle to stay in shape. We all know that a sedentary lifestyle is one that can lead to short and long term health complications, and it’s something that gamers — who spend a lot of time sitting — really should take seriously. Expensive gym subscriptions, bulky at-home exercise equipment, even just finding the energy or courage or whatever it is to get yourself to the desired location for exercising — whether it’s the gym or your basement — can be a real challenge.

Enter Holoseat

Holoseat changes all of that! That barrier to exercise is gone. This bike is literally in my way if I’m at the computer, and it basically forces me to exercise! Not only that, but it can actually enhance the experience of some games! It’s brilliant!

I have lost almost 15 lbs in 3 weeks and I’m not even deliberately scheduling time to exercise. It’s just there and I use it when I play games. I can’t advocate strongly enough for the Holoseat. Everyone who plays games should have one.

Spreading the Word

I am proud to be an Alpha Tester for Holoseat, and I want to do what I can to spread the word and show as many people as I can how awesome this thing really is! Beginning September 19th, I started streaming the game that in my opinion best utilizes and showcases the functionality of the Holoseat every Wednesday. That game is World of Warcraft and I am playing a Worgen (that’s like a wolf-man) Hunter. This exciting program shall be called: “Working Out With A Wargen In World of Warcraft” or: WoWaWiWoW!!!! Who could forget an acronym so succinct???

Tune in to from 9pm ET on Wednesdays if you want to see the Holoseat in action!

~Tony “BROOTUS” Robertson