Assembled Alpha Controller


Alpha controller assembled on my workbench.  Not the clearest pictures, but my workbench in the garage doesn’t exactly have stellar lighting.  I’ll add some better pictures once I get a chance.

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 3

Stand Ups

TL;DR Lots of great progress on the controller housing this week, including assembling our first true alpha Holoseat!  Also getting ready to fully engage with our testers now that we are in the home stretch of building the…

First v1 Alpha Holoseat!!!


Behold, the first complete v1 Alpha Holoseat!!!  Now that the controller housing is done, I just had to put everything together and get it attached to my pedals.  If you will excuse me, I believe it is time…

v1 Holoseat Controller Housing!


Completed the first complete revision of the Holoseat controller housing last night!  Finally covered up all the electronic bits.  What do you think?

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 2

Stand Ups

TL;DR As we hoped, the burn down chart looks much better this week.  The trick will be to keep up this pace for the full sprint.  Check out our Pics feed for shots of the evolving v1 release…

Fusion 360 + PrintrBot + Holoseat = Good Times Friday Night


One of the joys of owning a 3D printer is being able to test out parts you are modeling in CAD in almost real time.  As you can see, I just have a little more work left of…

Look – No more black tape on Holoseat!


We are making steady progress toward our goals for SyndCon 2018, including eliminating all black gaf tape from the demo units.  😉 Top is picture of SyndCon 2017 configuration and bottom is newly installed 2018 configuration.

Fasteners for 3D Printing – Using Heat-Set Threaded Inserts | MatterHackers

Development News

I think we have found the solution to our tone ring assembly problem!  Snap fit connections were good for single use.  Screws on the other hand are great for reuse but hard to use with plastic parts. Enter…

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 1

Stand Ups

TL;DR Off to a pretty good start.  Key social medial tools updated and most prep work for SyndCon is under way.  Hope to get the burn down closer to goal by the end of week 2. Backlog –…

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 0

Stand Ups

TL;DR Initial commits for week 1 of Sprint 4.  Goals are to get our social media presence reestablished and get final orders of parts made. Backlog – See Syndcon Task List tab for current sprint plan and Backlog tab…