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PY19 Sprint 2 Stand Up 2

Stand Ups

TL;DR It has been a while since we posted, but we are back now (and back in sprint mode).  This sprint is primarily focused on moving from our Alpha design to our Beta design and some new marketing…

PY19 Kanban 1.1 Stand Up 1

Stand Ups

Note: Last week’s burn down chart only showed a starting value of 26 story points when there are in fact 27 story points this Kanban.  The chart has been fixed for this week. TL;DR We are off to…

The History of Cherry MX Keyboard Switches @CherryMX

In the news

Check out this great post from Adafruit about the history of Cherry MX keyboard switches.  For those who don’t know, we love the Cherry MX.   In fact, the enable button on the Holoseat controller is a Cherry MX…

Syndcon 2018 Raffle Holoseat Winners


Once more August meant it was time for Holoseat’s annual pilgrimage to SyndCon.  This year we brought a little more than just our usual upgraded test hardware and presentations.  For the first time since 2014 we brought something for…

Our First Delivery!


Congratulations to our fellow Syndie Arabella.  She is the first to receive a v1 Alpha Holoseat!  She even brought her DeskCycle and helped us finalize the setup instructions.  Thanks, Arabella!!

Holoseat v1 Alphas Are Here!!!


Check it out!  The Alphas are complete and packaged up ready for delivery to our testers!  We are so excited for our testers to start exerfying their games.

12 Holoseat Controllers


Just finished assembly of these twelve Holoseat controllers, and I’m working on flashing the firmware onto these guys…  Are our Alpha testers ready?

Just Posted Assembly Instructions for the v1 Alpha Tone Ring

Development News

Check out all of the components and work that go into just 1/2 of a Holoseat tone ring! Tone Ring Half Assembly Instructions Product: HS-03: 18 Pole Tone Ring Half

PY18 Sprint 4 Stand Up 7

Stand Ups

TL;DR One week to go in the sprint and it will all come down to how quickly our team of volunteers, contractors, plus Bryan, and I can wrap up manufacturing of the Alpha test units.  While we would…

v1 Tone Ring Demo


We have spent the last 6 months trying to figure out how to deliver a two piece tone ring so users don’t need any special equipment to install it.  Thanks to this suggestion from Jeremy Wright, we finally…