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PY19 Kanban 1.1 Stand Up 3

Stand Ups

TL;DR We are doing some mid-iteration inspection and adaptation, which closes our burn down better than last week, but also represents a little backing up to try a different course where social media is concerned.  In other news,…

PY19 Kanban 1.1 Stand Up 2

Stand Ups

TL;DR Sad burn down chart is sad.  This was not a productive week for us.  We will be circling the wagons where engagement is concerned and narrowing our commitments to ensure next week is at least better in…

PY19 Kanban 1.1 Stand Up 1

Stand Ups

Note: Last week’s burn down chart only showed a starting value of 26 story points when there are in fact 27 story points this Kanban.  The chart has been fixed for this week. TL;DR We are off to…

Did you know Holoseat is Open Source Hardware?

About Holoseat

Not only that, but it is Certified OSHW (UID US000058).  What does this mean? For starters, you can get all of the instructions necessary to build your own Holoseat from scratch online at dev.holoseat.com.  You can also follow…

Working Out With A Wargen In World of Warcraft

Guest Posts

Please welcome Tony “BROOTUS” Robertson to the Holoseat blog.  Tony is one of our Alpha Testers and has jumped into Holoseat with both feet.  Check out his post below for how Holoseat is changing his life. It is not…

PY19 Kanban 1.1 Stand Up 0

Stand Ups

TL;DR Planning is done, so it is time to get PY19 started.  Our iterations are going to be shorter than normal during the Alpha Test (hence the 4 week cadence on the burn down chart).  Look for more,…

Syndcon 2018 Raffle Holoseat Winners


Once more August meant it was time for Holoseat’s annual pilgrimage to SyndCon.  This year we brought a little more than just our usual upgraded test hardware and presentations.  For the first time since 2014 we brought something for…

First Patch Issued for v1 Alpha

Development News

It’s official, we already have the first patch from our Alpha test.  Thanks to tester Arabella for helping us find the issue and to tester Bril for verifying the patch.  As you can see by clicking the link…

Happy Birthday Holoseat!


Five years ago today I published the first commits of Holoseat’s design online, paving the way for Bryan to build his own copy and starting us out on this wild ride.  Now here we are today at the…

Holoseat + Skyrim VR = Awesome!


What happens when you combine VR and Holoseat? The answer is pure awesome! Thanks to our fellow Syndies for providing us the opportunity to try this out.  Check it out for yourself in the video below.